Daemen “Selfie” Spot Highlights Inventive Arts and Business Collaboration

By | May 8, 2021

intersection of Washington and MohawkA popular “selfie” spot in downtown Buffalo is bringing attention to an innovative collaboration between Daemen College and the Western New York Book Arts Center.

Since its installation in late April, the window display by Daemen has served as an irresistible backdrop for passersby snapping pictures at the prominent intersection of Washington and Mohawk—the location of Book Arts—says Melissa Rechin, the communications and shop director of the non-profit.

“It’s a great backdrop for Instagram—but it’s also been a great way to get the conversation started about the future of the arts and cultural sector locally and nationally—and how institutions like Daemen are creating opportunities in the field for their students,” said Rechin.

Launching this fall at Daemen, the new Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Arts program offers a unique combination of disciplines to equip students with skills and vision for careers in the arts.

The art of business/ the business of art

Philip Longson

Philip Longson

In the meantime, the college and Book Arts are offering a speaker series on employment essentials in the field, such as grant writing.

The next lecture, May 27 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., will come from Philip Longson—an assistant professor of visual and performing arts; he will focus on the business of creating client-driven work and being an entrepreneur in any creative field.

The first lecture, “Artists as Entrepreneurs,” was delivered by Dan Shanahan, an assistant professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department and director of the entrepreneurial studies program.

Located in the heart of the Buffalo business district, Book Arts offers original artwork for sale, gallery space and classes on a range of topics.