New E-Commerce and Web Design Minor Available this Fall

By | May 8, 2021
Sharlene Buszka

Sharlene Buszka

A new minor, in e-commerce and web design, will be offered to students starting this fall semester.

“This concentration is focused on how we’re doing business now—and in the future: a blend of brick-and-mortar stores and online offerings,” said Sharlene Buszka, an associate professor of business administration and department chair.

The course offerings combine an intriguing mix of in-demand disciplines employers are seeking in job candidates, Buszka said.

“Anything that a student can have in their tool belt that makes them personally more marketable will be valuable in the job market,” she said. “Businesses need ‘idea people’—who also have the skills to unlock their vision.”

In career assessment and planning surveys at Daemen, nearly a majority of students indicate they may want to start or own their business—immediately or eventually. Given this trend—and the increasing prevalence of “side gigs,” especially those selling goods and services online—the new minor aims to offer students a foundational education in practical marketing and web design skills.

Built to be an “efficient” minor, Buszka said, the concentration consists of five classes, including one in entrepreneurship; overall, the minor combines offerings from its two departmental co-sponsors: Visual and Performing Arts and Business Administration.