A Conversation with Jordan Printup, Center for Diversity and Inclusion

By | September 6, 2022

Jordan Printup is the new assistant director for the Daemen University Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) and coordinator of the Vision for Success program on campus.

Printup earned his bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Hobart College (of Hobart and William Smith Colleges) and minored in both anthropology and Holocaust studies. 

After graduating, he worked in admissions and helped create Hobart’s Native American Retention and Recruitment program. 

He then earned his master’s in Holocaust and genocide studies from Gratz College.

We sat down with Printup to learn more about his background and goals for his future at Daemen.

What inspired you to enter your field of work?

After working in admissions, I wanted to see more of the world. I decided to go abroad to the Marshall Islands, where I taught many subjects to middle schoolers. That’s when I realized I enjoyed teaching. 

I returned to western New York and was hired to teach at Canisius High School. It gave me a strong sense of pride to give back to my community and I was able to show students my passion for philosophy and religious studies. 

I believe it’s important for people to understand how people live, what they believe in, and what’s important to them.

The most impactful part of teaching is watching students finally understand something and think in a different way about situations. 

What made you want to apply to Daemen?

After teaching in the classroom, I wanted to explore another option in the field. 

My goal was to help smaller groups of students navigate through college, and pass on lessons I learned through my experience. 

I want to show students how education can make a big difference in their lives. 

That is what led me to apply to Daemen. Its smaller size allows me to get to know a whole host of different people. I look forward to encouraging students to become invested in the Vision for Success program and make change on a small scale, but with big impact.

What are you looking forward to the most in your new role?

I look forward to showing students how important it is to immerse oneself in the Daemen experience to utilize what the campus offers.

It’s important that students get involved and take advantage of the opportunities Daemen offers. 

The world’s out there and it’s important they find their place in it. They have to go on adventures and meet new people from all walks of life. 

While focusing on academics, they can explore study abroad and embrace new experiences. 

How do you think your experience adds to the Daemen community?

My diverse background, along with my knowledge in anthropology and religion, has taught me that everyone is born into a different situation. 

Not everyone fits a mold, and that’s OK. 

I focus on how we communicate with individual students and how to best support them as unique individuals.

What is something unique you bring to Daemen’s CDI?

I have a well-rounded background from working in multiple institutions. Also, I live on a reservation, which gives me a unique perspective. 

I offer a fresh take on what we offer and on what we can adjust. I believe it’s important to refresh our offerings because change is constant.

What is one of your passions outside of your work?

I’m an avid gardener. My family has always had a garden and we do a lot of canning in the fall, as well as plant different flowers. 

I carry it on as a tradition.