First Faculty-led Behavioral Science Speaker Series Begins Nov. 16

By | November 1, 2022
ABA speaker series head Vicki Knapp

Vicki Knapp

Faculty of Daemen University’s Behavioral Science Department are offering a new in-person speaker series to help educate both prospective students and current professionals about current topics and critical developments in their field.  

“This series is designed to bring people together in one place to network and learn about important advancements and trends in behavioral science,” said Vicki Knapp, executive director and department chair of Daemen’s Behavioral Science Department. “Participants will gain tools they can use to modify their own behavior with regard to self care. In addition, current behavioral analysts can adapt new techniques to improve their own practice and patient outcomes.” 

The series is free and open to the public, and tickets are available online. In addition, practicing behavior analysts will have the opportunity to gain continuing education units (CEU) by attending events within the series for a small fee. 

“As certified behavior analysts, we are required to obtain a certain amount of continuing CEU. Our series will help satisfy those units at a minimal cost of $15, with a discounted price for Daemen alums and community partners of just $10,” Knapp explained.  

The first event of the series titled, “Trauma-informed practice in ABA,” will take place from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov.16 in Daemen University’s Duns Scotus building, room 26.

Daemen University Professor Nicole DeRosa

The discussion will be led by Nicole DeRosa, associate professor and research coordinator of Daemen’s Behavioral Science Department.

Through the event, participants will learn to identify the importance of understanding behavioral outcomes of trauma, as well as understand the ethical implications of trauma-informed ABA.

They will also learn to consider modifications they can make in their career in order to be more trauma-aware.

“Trauma-informed practice is an important topic in ABA right now and Nicole is well informed in the area, which makes her well suited to lead this event,” explained Knapp. “The breadth of our faculty experience and interests is evident in the events we are offering. Our work is current and relevant in the field right now.”

Future events as part of the series will take place in 2023, and will include “Improving Self-Care in the Workplace with Behavioral Science” on Jan. 11, “Compassionate Care in ABA” on March 8, “Functional Communication Training to Decrease Problem Behavior” on May 10, and “Ethics for Artificial Intelligence in ABA” on July 12. 

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