Student Artwork Illuminates Campus on Cusp of 75th

By | November 16, 2021

While winter months and the end of Daylight Saving Time are making for shorter, darker days, a source of light on campus is being provided by a collaborative art project.

Student art will be projected on the exterior walls of campus buildings after dusk until Thanksgiving break. The display will consist of one student’s piece per day in a rotating exhibit.

“It’s a new, immersive experience,” said Bob Waterhouse, chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. “This was a teaching and learning opportunity and a creative challenge for students to explore.”

He added, “We’re pleased to share the results with the rest of campus.”

Students in Professor John Piatko’s typography class were tasked with designing work celebrating Daemen’s upcoming 75th anniversary using two colors that would project well onto a large exterior surface. 

Students created designs that considered the unique technology of the project, which converts artwork into custom-made glass “gobos” – shaped filters that fit over a projector lens and can display work in most weather conditions. 

“This gives our students experience in designing custom work to the specification of a client in a professional setting,” said Waterhouse. 

So far, four students and five faculty from three departments have collaborated on the project, which will be renewed next semester with a different theme, according to Waterhouse.

He added, “Now that we are more familiar with the specifications of the technology, we expect to challenge students with different artistic themes.”

Upcoming projections include:

  • Wednesday 11/17 – Maria Sciortino 75th Diamond Logo
  • Thursday 11/18 – Gina Fumerelle 75th Logo Green & Gray
  • Friday 11/19 – Sara Malay 75th Logo with Founders Bell
  • Monday 11/22 – Maria Sciortino 75th Anniversary script logo

The ThinkTank initiative provides a source of dedicated funding for projects that team up students and faculty.