A Conversation with Patrick Ryan – IT Specialist

By | May 10, 2022

Ryan provided an update on the Esports team in a recent YouTube video

Patrick Ryan has held many roles at Daemen University, most recently becoming an information technology (IT) specialist for the institution’s Office of Information Technology.

Ryan began working at Daemen in the Maintenance Department in 2013 and transitioned to working in the Mailroom in Duns Scotus Hall in 2019.

He also oversees Daemen’s Esports team, which he began volunteering for that same year. When he became the head coach in 2020, the team won the East Coast Conference finals for League of Legends.  

We spoke with Ryan to learn more about why he enjoys working at Daemen and about how his passion relates to his new role in IT.  

Why do you enjoy working at Daemen?

I enjoy working with everyone at Daemen. Honestly, it feels like family. 

It’s a very tight-knit group. I value the work experience I have gained at Daemen over the years and the personal relationships I’ve built along the way are irreplaceable.  

Why did you want to transition to your position in IT at Daemen?

IT is my passion. Initially, I enjoyed working with technology as a hobby. After high school, I became interested in learning more about how things work and how to take apart and put things back together. I studied computer programming at Erie 1 BOCES and also became a self-taught car-enthusiast. I’ve always tried to learn as much as possible about IT. 

What are your passions outside of work?

My passion is trying to be the best role model possible for my kids. That’s where I put all my energy outside of work. I have a six-year-old daughter, Paige, who keeps me busy. 

What do you hope to contribute to Daemen in your new position?

I’m hoping to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

I have a background in the gaming world. With that knowledge comes skills in areas of technology that others may not have.

My knowledge in the areas of gaming, streaming, and more all help with my work in IT. 

What do you look forward to at Daemen?

I look forward to the challenges and learning opportunities that will come through my new position. I enjoy troubleshooting and every obstacle is a new opportunity to learn.