Center for Excellence in Youth Sports Launched

By | March 19, 2021

Center for Youth SportsThe Center for Excellence in Youth Sports was recently launched, located in the business building on Daemen’s Amherst, NY campus.

Darren Treadway“Our Mission is to enhance participation, equity, and access in play by increasing the organizational and leadership capacity of youth sports and recreation organizations,” said Darren Treadway, Ph.D., associate professor and director of the center. “This center offers consulting and strategic and marketing planning assistance for youth sports organizations. We will also be offering a youth sport leadership certification for youth sport leaders beginning in late 2021.”

The center will operate as a typical management consulting organization, stated Treadway, offering solutions tailored to problems faced by individual youth sports organizations, as well as broader-scale strategic assistance programs, individual and organization training programs, and capacity assessments for individual organizations.

“The center’s benefits to the hundreds of organizations and thousands of families in Western New York that participate in youth sports is, most directly, providing affordable, professional, experienced business consulting and training to organizations. These services lend themselves to the creation and perpetuation of high performing youth sports and recreation organizations,” said Treadway.

By supporting these youth sports organizations, Treadway explained that Daemen is helping them to promote healthy habits, resilience, and leadership in our community’s youth.

“Now, more than ever, kids need sports to help with the trauma of what’s going on in the world,” Treadway said.

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