College Upgrading Phone System

By | March 1, 2017

Dialpad screens

Daemen College has started the process of upgrading its campus-wide phone system to a new system that uses VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology.

The new DialPad phone system offers several features, including call forwarding to cell phones, caller ID, voicemail to text, conference calling, and text messaging. Faculty and staff have the option to use a mobile app, desk phone, and/or headset.

As previously noted in a letter from President Gary A. Olson, “Office phones will be replaced with new models, and we will begin a slow migration to the new phone system over the spring 2017 semester. The Office of Information Technology will be in contact with departments and offices in the coming months to manage the transition.”

Offices will be notified via email regarding the date of their transition to the new phone system and receive information on upcoming training sessions to learn more about phone features and get hands-on training.

During the transition to the new phone system, dialing the full seven-digit Daemen phone number to contact an office will be required when placing on-campus calls. Extension only dialing will be reliable again after the campus-wide transition is completed by approximately June 1.

More information is available on the phone support Web site or email