Daemen Animation Instructor Illustrates Book Cover

By | January 31, 2023
Daemen University animation professor Kenneth Doyle

Kenneth Doyle

Daemen University Animation Program instructor Kenneth Doyle recently illustrated the book cover of “The Forest Soldier,” written by the late John Roman Nurt.

The book tells the true story of Nurt’s father, Józef Niedźwiecki, who was a cavalry officer in Poland and fought with Polish underground soldiers in World War II against both Germany and the Soviet Union.

The cover illustration reflects the story of Niedźwiecki’s courage and perseverance in the face of battles, imprisonment in prisoner-of-war camps, and ultimately a new life in the United States.

“The illustration was John’s vision and came together after discussions with him about what he wanted the cover to convey,” said Doyle.

“The graphic style, with silhouetted dark figures and a burning sky, creates the impression of the danger, violence, and adventure that are pervasive throughout the story.”

Daemen University animation professor book cover art

Doyle, who earned a bachelor’s degree in art studies from Daemen while teaching, said he employed much of what he learned in the book cover design.

“In particular, what I learned about background design at Daemen was key to creating the effect the author desired for the cover,” said Doyle.

Currently teaching animation, drawing and illustration to students within Daemen’s Visual and Performing Arts Department, Doyle noted that bringing real-world experience and current work as an animator and illustrator to the classroom helps students build necessary foundational skills for their career as an artist.

“I teach everything I know to help students,” said Doyle. “My career included supervising and training other animators and that experience aligns well with my work as an instructor at Daemen.”