Inaugural White Coat Ceremony Held for Nurse Practitioner Students

By | April 5, 2022

The first-ever white coat ceremony was held for students in the university’s Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nursing Practitioner program late last month.

“Traditionally, a ceremony like this is for medical students, as a rite of passage of sorts,” said Cheryl Nosek, chair of the Nursing Department at Daemen. “It’s expanded to now include all levels of health care practitioners.”

The ceremony was hosted by nursing faculty Rose Bell and Marcella Zynda at Wurlitizer Events in North Tonawanda. 

Each student chose someone special – a spouse, family member or friend, for instance – to place the white coat on them.

 “It was a wonderful, student-focused event that was created in response to requests from graduates and students,” said Nosek. 

Most of the students who took part graduate from the program in May. The aim is to make the ceremony annual.