Online Workouts to Help Students Stay Fit

By | April 4, 2020

A series of virtual workouts have been created to help Daemen College students stay fit and healthy during the statewide stay home order in an effort to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The Wildcat Workout sessions were the brainchild of Katherine Eschner, head strength and conditioning coach and manager of Daemen’s Academic and Wellness Center, who drew on her previous experience as a personal trainer and instructor of small group fitness classes.

“With the closing of gyms and the college’s fitness center because of the pandemic, I wanted to give students an opportunity to stay healthy during these uncertain times even without access to a traditional fitness facility,” said Eschner. “The online classes will help students stay active and moving and are also a great stress reliever amid all that is happening with this health crisis.”

The five workout sessions, which can be completed in 30 minutes or less, have been designed for a small space, such as a room at home or in on campus housing. “In addition to following social distancing guidelines, students have limited resources and space for fitness activities,” said Eschner. “Using items for exercise equipment that are readily available, such as a desk, towel, water bottle, or backpack, gives students the ability to challenge themselves and stay active in a small workout space.”

Students may access the free online workout sessions on Daemen Athletics and on the Daemen Sports channel. Additional sessions may be added in the future to give students more options to stay active during the pandemic.

“These online workout sessions are a good outlet for students and will promote wellness in their lives while staying home or on campus and maintaining social distancing,” said Eschner.