Daemen Adopts Alternative Grading Option

By | April 4, 2020

Daemen sign at the front of campusIn light of the unique academic challenges Daemen College students and faculty are experiencing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an alternative grading option for the spring semester has been made available to undergraduate students.

The temporary grading policy, which has been approved by Dr. Michael Brogan, senior vice president for academic affairs, was developed through an inclusive process that included faculty, staff, and administrators who are deeply committed to the best interest of Daemen students.

“Since our successful transition to online learning for the remainder of the semester, we recognize there may be challenges for some students as they adjust to a remote learning environment,” said Brogan. “To help reduce concerns, we have developed an alternative grading policy, which allows our undergraduate students to select how their course grades will be assigned this semester.”

Under the temporary policy, Daemen undergraduate students may select the alternative option for a core or free elective class in which they are enrolled for the spring 2020 semester. Choosing this option means that a student who earns a grade of A through D in a course will have an SC (Satisfactory COVID-19) listed on their transcript. This will not be included in their GPA, however, credits will count toward overall degree completion. A student who earns a grade lower than a D may opt for UC (Unsatisfactory COVID-19) to appear on their transcript. It will not be included in a student’s GPA and no credit will be granted for the course.

The alternative grading option is not available for courses in a major or minor unless approved by the program or department chair. Departments that make exceptions in their program requirements will provide this information to students in the coming week.

Students have up until one week after final grades post to decide if they want to opt for the alternative grading policy for a particular course. A form from the Registrar’s Office must be completed and approved by a student’s faculty advisor to select this option. There are no limits on the number of core or free elective courses that this may be applied to for the spring semester. A student may recover a grade if they change a major or apply to graduate school and need to show a proficiency level in a course.

“Our intention with creating this option is to help students make good progress toward their degree with as little impact as possible on their GPA,” said Brogan. “Given the extent of the coronavirus crisis, we are dealing with extraordinary circumstances that require us to be flexible and understanding while also supporting the academic goals of our students.”

For assistance with decisions regarding the alternative grading option, students are encouraged to contact the Student Success Center at 716-839-8228. More information on the alternative grading option is available on Daemen’s COVID-19 website.