Daemen Student Illustrates Children’s Book

By | April 4, 2023

Elisa Church-Goupil standing in front of one of her paintingsDaemen University Illustration Major and Entrepreneurship minor, Elisa Church-Goupil, recently served as the illustrator for a children’s book, “Mister Turkey’s Song”. The book brings to life a childhood song a local editor, Joyce Maguda, was adapting from a curious Thanksgiving family tradition that involves a giant chocolate turkey. 

Church-Goupil, an adult student, with previous degrees in English and Communications as well as Theatre Design before enrolling at Daemen, belongs to a local writers group where she recently began to share her illustration work among her peers. Through this network, she was connected with Maguda, who was looking for an illustrator for this personal project. 

For Church-Goupil, the choice to attend Daemen to further her education was an easy one. 

“I have been aware of Daemen’s reputation in the art community for years and I have attended events in the past,” she said. “I found Daemen to be a fun, inclusive space.” 

Her son began classes as a transfer student and will graduate this year with an Animation degree.

After touring Daemen’s Visual and Performing Arts Center, she recalls when the creativity began to stir within herself,  “The classes and professors  impressed me, I knew it was where I wanted to be.” 

Attending Daemen not only has fulfilled her lifelong dream to become a visual artist ,but it has provided support in an area where she has continually sought to find footing. 

“I have found support with technical, creative skills but especially with the experience of being an artist. It is great to be in a community where creativity is celebrated and shared,” she added. “Without going back to school, I would have never had the confidence in my skills to illustrate a children’s book.” 

Daemen has taught Church-Goupil invaluable practical and marketable skills as well. “When I was hired to illustrate the book, Professor Longson, Assistant Professor of Illustration, took the time to meet with me and help create a contract. 

The book, totaling 32 pages, will include 17 illustrations, mostly full page spreads spanning the length of two pages. Church-Goupil finished the illustrations at the end of January of this year and the book has been submitted to a local publisher.