Study: Daemen has $132 Million Impact on State Economy

By | April 16, 2021

Buffalo city hallDaemen College has an economic impact in the State of New York in excess of $132 million each year, according to a new report by the Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities in New York (CICU).

The study took into account Daemen’s many forms of creating value, including spending by students and visitors, institutional investments—including construction—the generation of tax revenue, jobs, and the economic benefits of research conducted at the college.

“This report is an endorsement and affirmation of the many efforts by Daemen to serve its students, alumni, faculty, staff—and wider community,” said President Gary A. Olson. “While we’re pleased with our progress as a driver of economic growth, we’re eager and optimistic about the college’s impact to come.”

Since 2005, the CICU has analyzed the impact of institutions of higher education in the state; the studies have been conducted with Rochester-based Center for Governmental Research (CGR).