Research and Rebranding Advisory Committee Update

By | August 30, 2019

Over the past several months, Daemen College has been working on a rebranding initiative in an effort to strengthen its brand identity and to help develop a cohesive awareness about the college.

The Martin Group, a local integrated communications agency, has been collaborating with a diverse group of Daemen stakeholders to conduct valuable research that will be vital to taking the college’s branding efforts to the next level. This research has resulted in a brand brief that captures the Daemen brand identity and what makes the college unique. The brief will be used by The Martin Group as they develop brand recommendations that will be presented for further discussion and review by Daemen.

The Institutional Advancement Division is excited to announce that the next phase of the project, called resonance testing, will soon be getting underway. Resonance testing with key college stakeholders will be used to generate feedback that will better inform and explore the evolution of the Daemen brand. Stay tuned for more details and updates about the process as it continues this fall.