Interprofessional Education Event Benefits Future Healthcare Professionals

By | September 27, 2022

Daemen University students and faculty from many healthcare disciplines joined forces for the annual Interprofessional Education Event (IPE), a 6-year tradition held in the Wick Social Room on Daemen’s main campus in Amherst, N.Y., which emphasizes a comprehensive healthcare approach to provide the best possible patient care.

“This is a great opportunity for students to start the process of working with like-minded individuals who share the goal of providing the best possible healthcare to people,” said keynote speaker Joel Patterson, an associate professor and program director of the Physician Assistant Department. “In the healthcare industry, there is so much interaction between every profession.” 

This year’s event saw its largest and most diverse departmental turnout, with 122 student participants from majors including behavioral science, health promotionnursingphysician assistant studies, physical therapy, psychological sciences, and social work, among others.

Groups of students were facilitated by 22 faculty members from across disciplines and were presented with a case study about a “struggling, complex patient,” said Michael Ross, associate professor in the Physical Therapy Department. 

Based on their health profession, students analyzed the case and shared their perspectives on a diagnosis. 

“The case had different aspects where multiple disciplines could be involved,” explained Ross. 

Each student was able to provide a different perspective based on their area of study. Together, the groups determined what they felt was the best course of action. They then shared and discussed their results. 

“This event gave me the opportunity to hear from other students in a variety of healthcare majors, describing in their own words how they approach treating patients,” said Doctor of Physical Therapy student Nicholas Jodush ’23, who attended the event. “This afforded me insight that will guide my interprofessional relationships as I move into my career.” 

Master of Social Work student Corinne Bivolcic ’23 also attended the event. 

“As a future social work clinician, I will be working alongside other professionals in multidisciplinary teams and settings,” she explained. “There are going to be situations where we disagree on what the best plan of action is, but it’s important to remember that we are all working for our patients. When our patients succeed and reach their goals, we as professionals are the most successful.” 

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