A Conversation with Arianna Coppola

By | September 26, 2023

The CHIP Center at Daemen University exists in order to provide students with counseling, health, insurance, and prevention services. We spoke to Arianna Coppola, the director of the CHIP Center, to learn more. 

You received both your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Daemen. What brought you back to the university to serve as the director of the CHIP center?

While I was a student at Daemen, I was very thankful for the different resources that were offered to me as well as the mentors that I had supporting me throughout the years. I am a firm believer that sometimes it takes having at least one person in your corner supporting you that can make all the difference. Stepping into this role as Director of the CHIP Center, my hope is to be a supportive resource for our students and empower them throughout their time here at Daemen. 

What services are available to the Daemen community through the CHIP Center?

The CHIP Center offers a variety of services. We hope to provide students with knowledge, skills, and resources that empower them to make decisions that positively impact their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. 

The Wellness Kiosk is located in the CHIP Center and is a self-service resource to all students. It’s stocked with over-the-counter items for student’s needs! 

The CHIP Center partners with community-based organizations to offer on-campus wellness opportunities and services to our students that are free and/or low cost. CHIP also collaborates with Wildcat Wellness which is a student-led organization that offers wellness events focusing on self-care, mental health awareness, and additional resources on and off-campus. 

Counseling Services are available to students and are free and confidential. Our counselors are professionally licensed mental health specialists. In addition to these services, the CHIP Center has a prayer and meditation room and a gender-neutral bathroom that the Daemen Community can access 24/7. 

We encourage students to reach out to our office if they have questions about these services/wellness initiatives. 

What message do you have for someone who may be going through a difficult time but isn’t comfortable reaching out?

We understand that this time in your life can be challenging and overwhelming while navigating the different components such as academics, personal life, relationships, sports, etc. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to navigate this alone! If and when you are comfortable to do so, the Counseling Services team is available and committed to responding to the needs of students. Our counselors are professionally licensed mental health specialists. Students who are interested in making an appointment are encouraged to complete the counseling support form. Students can also go to our website and view the list of off-campus service providers and other resources available to them. 

Anything else you’d like the campus community to know?

Please don’t hesitate to stop by our office or reach out with any questions/concerns you may have. If we don’t have the answer, we’ll help you find it and/or provide additional resources on and off campus!