Daemen Named a 2021-2022 College of Distinction

By | September 21, 2021

Daemen College has been selected for the 14th consecutive year as a national College of Distinction in recognition of the institution’s excellence in undergraduate higher education.Colleges of Distinction logo

The college has earned special program recognition in business, education, nursing and for its support of students who are active duty and military veterans. 

In addition, Daemen was recognized as one of only 36 colleges earning the distinction in New York State.

“This honor is another indication of how Daemen has maintained its high academic standards and created a special student experience, despite the pandemic and existing challenges in higher education,” said Daemen President Gary Olson. 

Institutions of higher learning also sharing the national honor include Boston College, Belmont University, University of Richmond and the University at Buffalo.

Colleges of Distinction NY logoAs a College of Distinction, Daemen earned mention for distinction in four areas considered key to an effective undergraduate education, including student engagement, excellence in teaching, the creation of a vibrant campus community, and successful outcomes. 

Selection is based on an institution’s first-year experience and retention efforts, as well as its general education programs, career development, strategic plan, student satisfaction, and more.

According to the organization, “Colleges of Distinction has hand-picked a selection of top schools that are well equipped to provide a personalized education catered to students’ interests. Through a rigorous vetting and interview process for the 2021-2022 academic year, we have refreshed and reaffirmed that these institutions strive for excellence in line with the four overarching distinctions—student engagement, teaching, community, and outcomes.”