Daemen Launches New Google Virtual Tour

By | January 12, 2017

Daemen College has partnered with PlacesMobile.com, an official Google Street View photography team to create a new virtual tour that captures 360-degree panoramic views of the college’s facilities and surrounding areas of campus.

In the tour, virtual visitors can view panoramas that showcase academics and athletics facilities, campus apartments, the Wick Campus Center, and other college buildings and spaces. Exterior images of the facilities are complemented by interior photos that give a more in-depth look of selected buildings.

“The Google tour is a great tool that will allow prospective students from anywhere in the world to explore Daemen’s campus and get a real sense of what it is like at our college,” said Linda Koller, executive director of marketing. “In addition to extending our reach, this will help get students excited about coming here for a real life tour and interested in attending Daemen.”

Prospective students will also soon be able to engage in a real-life Daemen campus experience right from college fairs and other recruitment events with the use of Google Virtual Reality Viewers. The cardboard viewers have cutting-edge technology that works with a smartphone to allow the user to feel as though they are literally on campus.

Daemen’s tour is accessible on a laptop, mobile or other electronic device at daemen.edu/virtualtour.