New Parking Lots Pave Way for Campus Quad

By | September 13, 2022

Students and faculty returning from summer break were welcomed by new parking lots and with more than two-thirds of the campus freshly paved and striped.

While the two new parking lots and connecting roadway provide for less congestion in the immediate term, they also clear the path for the launch of the centerpiece of a long-term campus beautification project – a traditional campus quad of green space, known as Daemen Public Square, which will replace the parking lot between Wick and Duns Scotus. 

A groundbreaking will take place in the spring. 

“Thanks to several generous donors, this dream is finally going to become a reality,” said President Gary Olson. “This was a particularly productive summer in making our campus safer and more pedestrian-friendly.”

Olson credited Facilities Director Lori Zimpfer and her predecessor, the now-retired Don Phillips,  for their work in overseeing the projects.

The enhancements to campus will further bolster Daemen’s efforts to create a distinctive student experience, Olson noted, which will aid in recruitment and retention.