Classes Cancelled for Election Day Voting

By | October 9, 2020

Pile of buttons the say vote.

Daemen College has announced that no classes will be held on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3 as part of the college’s ongoing effort to encourage students, faculty, and staff to vote.

“This decision is in light of the concerns and complications surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated social distancing measures, potential for longer lines, and longer wait times for voters,” said President Olson. “Cancelling classes will allow additional time for our college community to cast their ballots on Election Day.”

Creating opportunities to vote on Nov. 3 is an important part of the college’s “Get Civically Fit at Daemen,” an initiative launched in the weeks leading up to Election Day. The college-wide effort is intended to promote voter registration, awareness, and participation in Election 2020. Since starting in September, the effort has proven to be successful through efforts with on-campus registration stations and a specially created “Get Civically Fit” website providing information on different ways to register, options for voting, and more.

While campus offices will remain open on Election Day, staff will be given sufficient time to vote in-person if they have chosen this as their voting method.

“A healthy democracy is built on the foundation of free and fair elections ensuring that the government derives its authority from the will of the people,” said Olson. “Your vote is your voice, and I encourage you to be heard. Daemen is committed to this process and wants to make sure it is without impediments for our campus community.”