A Conversation with Samantha Maiarana

By | November 8, 2022

Daemen University's Samantha MaiaranaSamantha Maiarana began her journey at Daemen in 2010 when she came to campus as a student, eventually graduating with both her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a human resources specialization, and her Master of Science in Leadership and Innovation.

She is currently the employment coordinator in Daemen’s Employee Engagement Office and oversees internal and external recruiting for students, staff, and faculty.

We sat down with Maiarana to learn more about Federal Work-Study and its benefits for Daemen students. 

Can you tell us about what Federal Work-Study involves? 

Federal Work-Study gives students a convenient opportunity to work at Daemen instead of traveling off campus. Students who have aid can find a job in a multitude of different departments. Currently, there are over 33 different areas on campus that hire student workers. Some of these include Athletics, the English Department, Employee Engagement, Student Affairs and Admissions. Students can determine their best fit, search detailed job descriptions, and find out specifics through the Handshake Wildcat Works system. Supervisors can sift through potential candidates, set up interviews, and fill their job positions. 

What are some common misconceptions about Federal Work-Study? 

A common misconception is that when you are awarded a Federal Work-Study, you automatically have that aid. You do not. You have to find a job, work the hours, and then you receive a paycheck like any other job. When you are paid, the paycheck is yours to use as you please for living expenses, books, food, etc. 

What are the perks of an on campus job? 

There is a level of flexibility. You know your supervisors care about you and your success academically, social, and mentally. They want to make sure you aren’t overworking yourself and not doing well in your classes. They know that you are at Daemen to succeed, earn your degree, and achieve your career aspirations. They understand the stressors of labs, tests and academic rigor. If you need to take off work and you communicate with your supervisor ahead of time, they will allow you to reschedule. You don’t get that kind of understanding as much in a typical job.

The convenience is also very appealing. Your job is right on campus. Even if you are a commuter student, you are still coming to the same place for your classes as well as work. Convenience is always key. 

Also, the transferable skills you learn will help you in your career. When you graduate, your supervisor can write a reference letter for you to stand out among candidates. 

Many students also make friends during their work study time. You meet other students outside of your major and explore spaces on campus you may have not seen before. All of this enhances your experience at Daemen. 

Any beginners advice for students with a Federal Work-Study? 

Federal Work-Study is meant to help you and you have the opportunity to make it a great experience if you put forth all your effort. Treat it like a true job and gain the skill sets you need to succeed when you leave Daemen and blossom into the person you will become. 

*We are honored to have had Sam Maiarana work at Daemen over the years. We are sad, but also happy for her, as she moves onto a new opportunity. We want to thank her for her dedication to the Employee Engagement Office and for striving to share the sense of community Daemen is known for.