Bee Taylor – Staff Profile

By | November 9, 2021

Bee Taylor is the first-ever coordinator for Daemen’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion. 

Bee Taylor

Their role includes supervising Daemen’s Diversity Ambassadors, assisting with all the center’s programming, updating its website, running the Care Cupboard food pantry, and more.

Taylor’s higher education journey began when they enrolled in music school in an audio engineering program at Western Michigan University, but after observing and learning from the work of their mentor in the LGBT center on campus, they realized they really wanted to pursue a similar position. 

“Around this time, I came out as nonbinary,” Taylor said, “and saw how important my mentor and peers were to me as a young queer person finding my way through my career, home life and all other avenues.”

“I’d like to help do the same for others,” they added. 

Taylor later attended the University of Michigan (U of M) and earned a master’s degree in diversity and social justice in higher education. 

“It was the biggest and best school in the nation for higher education, but also the best place to go to focus on that diversity and social justice aspect – it was important for me personally to have that combination,” said Taylor.

“While I was there, I was able to work at the Spectrum Center – the university’s LGBT center – the first one on a college campus in the country,” they said. 

While in a position at the U of M College of Engineering, they helped 30 student organizations become more equitable and inclusive.

“I saw a lot of change on issues of diversity and equity while running the program,” Taylor said, “by providing plans and helping them follow them through.”

Taylor, who grew up around Detroit, said they were attracted to Daemen because it represented a new experience and opportunity to make change on a small campus. 

“Part of being a higher education professional to me is learning as much about the industry and the different types of students,” said Taylor. “Daemen is different from what I am used to and I really like that.”

In their spare time, Taylor enjoys singing and making music. They have been a photographer and graphic designer and continue performing freelance work. 

Taylor also enjoys spending quality time with their cat and studying astrology and spirituality.