New Virtual Tour of Campus Launches

By | May 17, 2022

Daemen‘s new virtual tour is now available to provide prospective students and their families an inside look at the university’s Amherst campus.

The Research and Information Commons (RIC) and Visual and Performing Arts Center (VPAC), as depicted in Daemen’s new virtual tour

“Our online tour is another kind of welcome mat—a resource that gives prospective students an opportunity to learn about campus and all we have to offer here Daemen,” said Greg Nayor, senior vice president of strategic initiatives at the university. 

“As Western New York’s premier health sciences educator, with strong liberal arts programs, we hope the virtual tour serves as an introduction to campus and to the transformative educational experiences that are available to Daemen students,” added Nayor. 

The tour features a variety of navigation options. including seasonal and day/night views of the campus, allowing prospective and current students to get an idea and feel of the campus and its grounds.

Users can also zoom in on the 3D map, allowing them to explore each road and path. 

Red pinpoints are located across the map, which provide building and academic program information when hovered over. Users can also click on locations for a closer look of interiors and particular facilities. 

Another notable feature of the tour is that buildings located off the Amherst campus are also displayed. These include current university projects that are underway, including the Institute for Mobility Innovation and Technology (IMIT) and the proposed Shatkin College of Dentistry.