A Conversation with Lo Young ’21 – Alum and Student Affairs Office Manager

By | March 8, 2022

After graduating from Daemen last December, alum Lo Young ‘21 joined the institution as the Student Affairs office manager.

Lo Young

Young earned a bachelor of arts in professional writing and rhetoric, with specializations in public relations and communications – and is currently pursuing her master’s in the Leadership and Innovation Program, also at Daemen.

She started her position at the college in January after 10-plus years of working as a behaviorist at the state and public school level. 

What made you decide to switch career paths?

I embrace change and love to challenge myself. I do not want to be complacent in life.

Therefore, I decided to return to higher education and pursue my passion for writing. 

Currently, I’m working towards my graduate degree in Leadership and Innovation at Daemen and hope to attend law school in the future. I want to be able to work in higher education and make a difference in the field. 

I believe in the power of knowledge – it’s a principle that guides me. Higher education inspires people and allows them to grow and it can be very transformative. You can have a career path change at any age and that is powerful.  

Why did you want to come back to Daemen as an employee?

I enjoyed my work study role in the Student Affairs office while earning my bachelor’s degree,  and I applied for my current position.  

At Daemen, I feel at home. I knew I could work at any institution with my background, and strong work ethic, but I chose Daemen because I feel most comfortable here. 

What is something you’d like the college community to know about you personally or professionally?

I love to cook and try new recipes. I am vegan, and am passionate about making delicious meals and learning more about how to create new dishes I haven’t tried before. 

What teacher had the greatest impact on you?

[Professor] Hamish Dalley here at Daemen was my thesis advisor, and we had a good understanding of each other. We are both not originally from the United States. He is from New Zealand and I am from England. That connection made me feel comfortable.

Also, he helped me understand how I can start my own space in this scholastic world. He inspired me to embrace any collegiate pursuit, including scholarly writing. He emphasized that I’m a scholar now that I have written a thesis.

How has your experience at Daemen helped shape who you are today?

My experience at Daemen has reminded me that I can always be encouraged to do more – that has been my key takeaway.

I know that I belong and that I am a valued member of the community and in the scholarly landscape.

I would also like to acknowledge Dr. Greg Nayor [senior vice president for strategic initiatives], for always keeping me encouraged.

What do you hope to achieve in 2022?

My goal is to continue to create a warm, inviting office culture in the Student Affairs office. We are a team and work together for the greater good of Daemen.