A Conversation with Tirzah Peters

By | February 28, 2023

Tirzah PetersWe sat down with Tirzah Peters, Daemen alum (‘21) and Events Coordinator in the Conference Services Office at Daemen University to find out what she loves most about her transition from student to staff member. 

What did you love most about being a student at Daemen? 

I graduated from Daemen in December of 2021 with a Degree in Natural Science and Health Science and double minored in Biology and Chemistry. I was a volleyball player and aside from enjoying being a student athlete, I loved learning from my professors. The faculty here gave me a one-on-one, interactive experience which not only allowed me to become aware of my material but a master of it. The concepts I studied and foundation I gleaned at Daemen are skills I take with me moving forward as I earn my masters degree. 

What was it like transitioning from a student to staff member? 

I had the unique experience of transitioning straight from a student to staff member here and a lot of what I loved about being a student has seamlessly transitioned with me into this role. As a student, I always loved how tight knit we were as a community. As a staff member, I can say the same thing, only now I am planning the events I used to attend as a student, I am witnessing the full process, and watching a vision come to life. We are a team at Daemen and I can count on my team members for support, encouragement, and to get the job done alongside me. I feel that is the true message of Daemen.  

What drew you to your current role at Daemen? 

I started in the position of Events Coordinator in November after being the Student Support Specialist for Dr. Greg Nayor, the Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives.  When I saw this position open it interested me because although it isn’t what my field of study is in, I knew that every day would challenge me and bring a new creative template to move forward with. 

What is your main role as the Events Coordinator? 

My main role here is overseeing internal events on campus. This includes everything from a basic meeting or room reservation to something as big as USA Hockey coming on campus for Summer camps and conferences. My job in this role is to promote Daemen University and while we plan a lot of academic events, we are so much more than that, we also host conferences coming from all over the world. 

What do you love most about this role? 

Every single day here is unique. I love bringing events on campus materialize, taking the burden off of others and creating an event we can be proud of. Bringing that vision to life is what I enjoy most.