A Conversation with Joyce Strobel – Director of Publications

By | June 28, 2022

Joyce Strobel, who has worked at Daemen for more than 25 years, was recently promoted, becoming the institution’s director of publications. 

Strobel began working in Daemen’s print shop as a typesetter in the 1980s and later transferred to publications as a graphic designer.

Strobel receiving the 2015 Outstanding Staff Award from President Olson

After 15 years at Daemen, Strobel worked in marketing at HSBC Bank USA for 10 years, eventually being promoted to an assistant vice president position.

When she heard about a new opening in the publications at Daemen, she decided to return to Daemen a decade ago. 

In her new director role, Strobel oversees publications and designs marketing materials, including brochures, signage, and various print and digital collateral to promote the university.

We sat down with Strobel to learn more about her longevity at Daemen and some of the top reasons she enjoys working at the university. 

Why do you enjoy working at Daemen? 

I like working with many different people, including colleagues, faculty, staff, and administration to produce what they need – all kinds of print and digital collateral that’s helpful in supporting the university. 

I have met lifelong friends while working at Daemen. I’m always happy to collaborate with others. As a team, we are always there to pitch in on a busy day. 

I also enjoy doing many different tasks each day and having the opportunity to work with other departments and learn from them. 

Why did you choose to return to Daemen for work?

It felt like home. Before moving to HSBC, former Daemen President Martin Anisman told me, “there’s always a place for you at Daemen.”

Strobel, in an early 90’s edition of Daemen’s The Summit yearbook

I remembered that, and when I saw there was an opening in publications, I wanted to return for most of all, the people.

What inspired you to pursue your career field?

I’ve always enjoyed painting and doing different creative projects. The more I learned about graphic design, the more exciting it became. 

I love being creative and coming up with solutions.Taking something that’s text and helping communicate that message in a visual way has always been appealing to me. 

What is something you would like the Daemen community to know about you personally or professionally?

I love seeing all the changes and improvements Daemen has had over the years. 

It’s exciting to see development at the university.

When alums or students come back to visit campus to see the progress Daemen has made, I feel proud to have been part of it. 

What is your biggest source of inspiration in your job?

When we have successful outcomes in recruitment or a successful program or event, it motivates me to work with my colleagues on how we can make it even better next year.  

I am a people person and I enjoy helping people and working together. 

What advice do you have for new employees at Daemen?

It’s important to get involved, volunteer for different events, and get to know people don’t be shy. When you have the opportunity to work together, you can see a whole new perspective from your coworkers and learn something new everyday. 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending quality time at the lake, with my husband, Peter, and our family and friends. We also visit the Adirondack Mountains every year.