Issues Impacting Private Higher Education Addressed at Lecture

By | June 23, 2017
Dr. David Warren

Dr. David Warren

Higher education is at a crossroads as institutions across the country face new challenges and opportunities, Dr. David Warren, president of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, discussed at a Daemen College Distinguished Leaders Lecture Series event held on June 22.

“President Trump’s budget proposals will have a significant impact on domestic programs like higher education, including more than $150 billion in cuts to federal student aid programs over the next decade,” said Warren, who has served as NAICU’s president since 1993. “To protect these programs, we must mobilize to ensure that adequate funding continues to help provide students support and access to a college education at an institution of their choice.”

NAICU is the only national organization that focuses solely on representing private, nonprofit higher education on public policy issues in Washington, D.C. On the regulatory front, NAICU is monitoring several key issues, including accreditation, teacher preparation, deregulation, tax reform, federal student loans, and college costs, among other areas.

Warren pointed out that affordability is one of the most common myths about private higher education. “Private colleges and universities across the country award generous institutional student aid annually and have other initiatives in place that enhance their affordability,” he said.

Although colleges and universities are facing growing challenges, opportunities exist for institutions to remain strong and competitive. Warren pointed out that “as an advocate for private higher education, NAICU will remain focused on deregulation in higher education and other priorities of importance to institutions and to students across the country.”