A Conversation with Heather Maclin

By | January 17, 2023

Daemen University Heather Maclin at eventHeather Maclin, director of Student Activities at Daemen University, oversees many student organizations as well as Greek life on campus. She also plans large-sale events and activities that encourage students to become more involved on campus. 

We sat down with Maclin to learn more about her role, student organizations, and campus events

What do you enjoy most about your position at Daemen? 

I love getting to know students on an individual basis and help them with their campus experience. Many students share their own life experiences with me and I help them realize they are not alone. It is rewarding to see students grow during their years at Daemen. 

Why should students get involved on campus outside of classes? 

One of my main goals is to encourage and support students to get involved. For some students, this means attending events, while others want to jump into leadership opportunities. At Daemen, we have approximately 55 active student organizations and they all have leadership teams. 

It is important that students get involved because it enhances their college experience. They have the opportunity to have fun while building a community with students, staff, and faculty members who may not be in their academic department.

Can you tell us about some of the recurring events on campus?

We have many recurring events on campus, including Welcome Back Week, Springfest, TGIF, and Winterfest. 

Welcome Back Week is the first event students experience after coming to campus. They are able to participate in many activities together throughout the entire week.

We celebrate the beginning, middle, and end of our semesters so students always feel included and important on campus.  

Also, students can apply to be on the Student Traditions Committee, which is made up of students and staff members from various organizations and departments. The committee helps survey the study body and puts on many annual events.

What is one of your favorite events on campus? 

TGIF has been a popular tradition for over 30 years. It takes place every Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. in the Wildcat Den or outside of the WICK Campus Center if the weather permits. 

It is one of my favorite events because it allows students to mingle and learn more about active student organizations. Students within these organizations are able to make these events their own by selecting the menus and activities. I love to see their creativity each week.