Daemen Students Advocate for Increased College Aid with State Lawmakers

By | February 8, 2022

Tiffany Hamilton

HEOP students at Daemen and other recipients of financial aid joined Chief Diversity Officer Tiffany L. Hamilton to urge state lawmakers to seek further college aid funding on New York (CICU) Student Aid Advocacy Day – held Feb. 2 by the Commission on Independent Colleges & Universities.

Statewide, this year’s day of advocacy focused on expanding multiple streams of financial aid – including New York’s Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Bundy Grants – as well as restoring proposed cuts to student aid funding, Hamilton explained. 

“Increases in aid open more doors,” said Hamilton. “State aid provides access to more of our community members who wish to go to college – and need financial support to make their dream a reality.”

Via Zoom, students met with New York State Assemblyman Pat Burke’s Legislative Director Nicole Golias to share how they personally benefit from the programming and aid they receive at Daemen. 

Students also met with New York State Representative Chris Burdick and Senators Edward Rath and Phil Boyle. Staffers for Representatives Jonathan Jacobson and Karen McMahon were also present. 

Straight from students

First-year student Camryn Davis told the state lawmakers, “Daemen provided me with the aid I needed to pursue college – something I did not have access to in my home state of California.”

“Without adequate funding, myself and other students who receive financial aid would not be able to earn a degree,” she said.“With financial aid support, we can graduate.”

In addition, multiple students in the HEOP program at Daemen, including Nazjahe Boswell, said they are grateful for the support the program provides. 

“HEOP provides me with the resources I need as a college student, including computer access, books, calculators and more,” Boswell told Burke’s legislative director. “It’s important that students continue to receive aid so that they can earn their degree.”

Overall, Hamilton said participating in the CICU Student Aid Advocacy Day gave politicians the opportunity to hear straight from students, which is important when advocating for more support.