Amherst Livestreams Address from Daemen

By | February 5, 2021

Brian Kulpa and Ed Rath wearing masksThe State of the Town Address was streamed live from the third floor of the Research Information Commons on campus this past Friday. Town leadership was impressed with the college’s production of Daemen’s virtual commencement ceremony, so when the time came to produce their own virtual event, Daemen was top of mind.

“We were honored to host the Town of Amherst and produce this important address for the community,” said Daemen College President Gary Olson. “Supervisor Kulpa and AJ Baynes are visionary leaders and it is clear that the future of Amherst is bright. We are grateful for their partnership.”

Brian Kulpa at a podiumDuring the State the Town address, Town of Amherst Supervisor Brian Kulpa discussed the town’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the collaborative efforts made by community leaders to help weather the storm. Kulpa also highlighted several key projects on the horizon including improvements to the pedestrian and biking infrastructure of the town and his master plan for central park. In addition to the State of the Town Address, the 2021 board members for the Amherst Chamber of Commerce were installed by newly elected State Senator, Edward Rath.

This live streamed event is one of many successful partnerships between the college and the town. Over the last several years, the college and the town have engaged in collaborative projects that enhance both the college and the local community. One such example is the “22 for 22” campaign in conjunction with the million tree challenge, which is helping plant new trees across Amherst.