College Creates Staff Advisory Committee

By | February 3, 2020

In a Jan. 31 letter to campus, Daemen College President Gary Olson announced the formation of a new Staff Advisory Committee designed to build camaraderie and open up more lines of communication for all staff members, both salaried and hourly.

As articulated in the mission statement, the committee is dedicated to making work at Daemen gratifying and productive, and will aim to provide personal growth, professional development and camaraderie, through monthly meetings and periodic special events.

“This committee will facilitate interaction and relationship building across campus among staff that may not usually have the opportunity to work together,” said Dr. Irene Holohan-Moyer, assistant vice president for institutional effectiveness and systems integration. “I am looking forward to participating in this committee as we continue to strengthen the lines of communication between all members of the Daemen community.”

The campus community has recently been engaged in the strategic planning process for the next five-year strategic plan. This exercise has provided a platform for staff members from different divisions to come together for a common goal. Many staff members expressed a desire to keep this type of platform available all the time, and the Cabinet agreed.

A call for nominations will go out to the campus in the near future and meetings will get underway in the coming weeks.