Daemen Extends Enrollment Deadlines Due to FAFSA Delay

By | February 28, 2024

Three students walk up the stairs in the Research & Information CommonsDaemen University has extended enrollment deadlines in the wake of the delay with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or the form commonly known as FAFSA.

Students can usually fill out the financial aid application starting in October, but the 2024-2025 version only recently became available last month because the U.S. Department of Education was revising the form to make it easier for students and parents to apply and to make more of them eligible for funding.

According to the Education Department, the information families provide on the FAFSA forms will not be provided to institutions until mid-March, which means students will have to wait longer to find out what aid they’ll receive from schools.

“Daemen recognized early that our existing deadlines would pose difficult constraints on students and their support systems trying to make final decisions about where to attend college,” said Dr. Mimi Steadman, the interim vice president of enrollment, marketing & communications. “We want families to have the time to compare the aid they’re getting and to think about what makes sense for their family’s budget.”

To provide flexibility, Daemen has extended deadlines as indicated:

Four-Year Tuition Guarantee
New Deadline: May 15, 2024
(Previous deadline: March 1st. Note: The Four-Year Tuition Guarantee applies only to eligible students who completed their application by January 5, 2024.)

Regular Admissions
New Deadline: June 1, 2024
(Previous deadline: May 1st)

“This is very unique this year, especially for our prospective students who are trying to make decisions on where they’re going to attend school,” said Jeff Pagano, the director of financial aid at Daemen. “This delay is making that much more difficult. Once we do start to receive FAFSA information, our priority is to turn financial aid packages around very quickly.”

Anyone with questions can contact the Financial Aid Office at 716-839-8254.