Alumni Profile – Eric Holet ‘19

By | February 19, 2021

Eric Holet standing in front of a bookshelfEric Holet received a Masters of Leadership and Innovation degree in 2019 and is currently serving as the Senior Quality Health Analyst for Kaleida Health and Great Lakes Health, supporting numerous hospitals within Western New York and Pennsylvania.

The Leadership and Innovation program helped Holet cultivate a mission to intentionally encourage and inspire excellence in the care and service of others. Significant to the program is the understanding how to lead with “three eyes open.” This perspective is understanding that you need to be intentional about assessing how processes, changes, problems or directives will be perceived or impacted by self, your team, and the organization. Simply put: relationships are key in leading effectively.

As 2020 began, these concepts have proven to be significant to Holet’s current work and success. In March, Holet was resourced to work with the team in the Coronavirus Command Center at Kaleida Health. The response to the pandemic took an extensive amount of effort, creativity and collaboration with numerous teams in the effort to care for the lives of the patients, community and employees of the healthcare system.

During this time, Holet assisted with acquiring and organizing personal protective equipment, managing the COVID-19 call center, building databases to track employee health, and helped design processes and software systems to manage over 100,000 COVID-19 and antibody tests. It was these collaborative relationships which served to advance the health of our community and strengthened the organization.