Daemen to Host WNY Higher Education Summit

By | February 14, 2023

Daemen University’s Office of Instructional Design will hold its first WNY Higher Education Camp on March 17 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm in the Wick Center on campus. Open to the public, the free event will bring together Daemen instructional designers, faculty, and administrators to facilitate discussion on current and future trends in higher education.

“The camp is an opportunity to engage the expertise and knowledge of higher education professionals to share in-depth conversations on the issues affecting instructors and students,” explains Peter Schilke, Director of Instructional Design at Daemen. “Attendees will collectively determine the topics and build the agenda, sharing their experiences in higher education.”

Daemen’s Office of Instructional Design focuses on the criteria of quality instruction, curriculum, and assessment design, and helps teachers explore best practices in course structure, instructional methods, and use of technology. During the pandemic, the office was instrumental in minimizing disruptions in learning and teaching as the university transitioned to remote instruction.

A growing field within education on all levels, instructional design gives instructors tools and guidance to teach students in ways that motivate and engage them and help them retain knowledge easier. The result is higher outcomes in the classroom. The WNY Higher Education Camp also presents an opportunity for students to learn about career paths in instructional design. Daemen education students take courses in instructional design theory and practice, as well as current technology used in education in the digital age.

Details on how to register for the inaugural WNY Higher Education Camp are forthcoming.