Daemen Promotes Health Awareness as Semester Concludes 

By | December 6, 2022
Andrea Jeski

Andrea Jeski

This cold and flu season, Daemen University officials are raising awareness about how the campus community can stay healthy and prevent the spread of illness.

In a campus-wide message, Daemen Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives Greg Nayor reminded everyone to stay home if they are feeling ill and wear a mask if they must go out.

“Anything with a fever or airborne germs will spread very quickly. Wear a mask if you feel that you were exposed to someone who has COVID-19, RSV, the Flu, or anything else similar until you can test and be sure you do not have it,” said Nayor. “Remember, those precautions have less to do with your own health and more to do with those around you who could be immuno-compromised. We want everyone to be able to focus on assignments and finals without being sick these last couple of weeks of the term.” 

Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to complete a CARE report at daemen.edu/concern if they, or someone they know, experience symptoms and need assistance.

Daemen University CHIP Center door

“I want to commend so many of our community members for using our CARE System to report illness and/or staying away from others during this fall. It has made a difference in our ability to stay healthy as a whole,” said Nayor. 

CARE reports are monitored by the campus CHIP Center, a wellness resource center designed to direct students to appropriate medical treatment and facilities, whether it be a pharmacy, COVID-19 test site, or urgent care center. 

Coordinator of the CHIP Center Andrea Jeski said she often refers students to Western New York Immediate Care, which has a location near campus at 4988 Harlem Road.

“Patients are seen as quickly as possible and a full-time medical doctor is on staff at all times, which is not the case at most other similar facilities,” she said. “Virtual care is also available, even if the office is closed or it’s late at night, allowing students to speak with a provider anytime.”

In addition, Jeski said that if students are “in a pinch” and do not need medical assistance, they can come to the CHIP Center for over-the-counter remedies, including cold and flu medication, cough drops, and electrolyte replacements.

The center also coordinates vaccine clinics on campus and regularly notifies the Daemen community of scheduled dates via email. 

In fact, Daemen hosted eight flu clinics during the fall 2022 semester, allowing over 300 people to receive their flu shot conveniently on campus. 

COVID-19 vaccination clinics were also made possible with the help of Wegmans Pharmacy, which Daemen has partnered with to obtain bivalent booster vaccinations. 

“We will continue to work on bringing additional clinics to campus as vaccinations become available,” said Jeski. “In the meantime, campus community members can visit any Wegmans Pharmacy with their health insurance information and ID to receive vaccines for flu, COVID-19 and shingles, which also spikes this time of year.”

More information about local healthcare facilities and resources can be found on Daemen’s Medical Care and Support webpage.