Parshall Shares Insights on Electoral College

By | December 18, 2020

Dr. Lisa K. Parshall, professor of political science and pre-law advisor in Daemen’s Department of History and Political Science, recently participated in a roundtable video discussion of the Electoral College as part of a shared initiative of the Civics4Action Collaborative and WENY TV serving the twin tiers region of New York and Pennsylviania.

The video roundtable features Parshall, along with moderator Renata Stiehl, and guests Dr. Jim Twombly, political science professor, Elmira College and WENY TV political analyst; and Denise King, retired middle school teacher, political consultant and former NYS Elector.

To view the discussion, check out the video discussion online!

Parshall has had a busy few months providing insights and commentary regarding the 2020 election and US government. She also recently authored three blog posts for 3Streams Policy Blog, with her most recent contribution focused on rebuilding the administrative state.

To view her most recent post, check out