Meet Underrated Evolution

By | December 18, 2020

Underrated Evolution posing on rocksDid you know that Daemen recently helped inspire a music collective and label? Meet Underrated Evolution!

The birth of the group of aspiring musical artists speaks to the passion of some of the college community’s young creators who never give up on their vision and execute in order to make it happen. As group member and Daemen student Jevon Jordan stated in a recent interview, “Everyday is a mission to become a better you, constantly evolving!”

JevonThe student created label was initiated through common ground – a strong passion for music. That common ground gathered together burgeoning music artists and Daemen students Jevon Jordan, Dzifa Dzaba and Tron Defreitas. The trio blended their interests and talent with friends and fellow students Kofi Agyemang (manager), Dashawn Hines (promotions), alongside Mikey Eve, and Jose Williamson (creatives). The group creates original music utilizing Wildcat Media and Entertainment as one of their communications platforms and also relies on social media to help spread their message to the world. Their musical mission speaks to empower and give a platform to young aspiring music artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs on the rise.

Interested? You can follow Underrated Evolution on social media and look for new music to be released soon in the New Year!

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Also, take a look at this video which helps tell their story!