Faculty Profile – Sarah Whorley

By | December 21, 2016
Sarah Whorley

Sarah Whorley

Dr. Sarah Whorley joined Daemen College this year as an assistant professor of biology, having recently completed her doctorate at Fordham University.

Whorley currently serves as member at large for the Northeast Algal Society and is an INSTAR mentor for the Society of Freshwater Science. She has also been an independent contractor for the Environmental Protection Agency.

For more than a decade, Whorley has been exploring the relationship between land use and freshwater protection measures. She focuses on how freshwater algae in streams respond to both disturbance and protection from disturbance. Algae are the base of many aquatic food webs and so having detailed information on their biodiversity and chemical composition can have important implications for management tactics as well as other aquatic organisms that depend on algae for food.

Originally from California, Whorley resides in Tonawanda with husband, Daniel, and pet cats, Pan and Mara.