Lisa Parshall Appointed to Editorship with Federal History Journal

By | August 23, 2022

Lisa Parshall

Lisa Parshall was recently appointed to serve as an editor for the Federal History Journal, the journal of the Society for History in the Federal Government.

Historically-focused, the journal also publishes scholarship on contemporary issues relevant to the history of federal work.

“Particularly in this present moment of declining public trust in institutions and recent attacks on the federal administrative state, the informed and scholarly understanding of the role of the federal government as part of our democratic system of government is more important than ever,” said Parshall, a professor of political science at Daemen. 

The journal publishes the work of both academics and practitioners. As an open-access, peer-reviewed journal, “it serves an important role in promoting public interest in, and understanding of, the story of the U.S. government that is critical to civic engagement and public trust,” added Parshall, who also serves as president of the Faculty Senate at Daemen. 

In the role, Parshall will primarily assist with the journal’s annual Law and Constitution roundtable, which curates and reviews essays on recent and outstanding work that addresses constitutional aspects of federal history or political development. 

Parshall will work under Benjamin Guterman, retired professor of Colonial American history and a long-time writer-editor for the National Archives and Records Administration.

“This new role will put to use my expertise in constitutional law, political development, and administrative politics,” said Parshall. “It’s also an honor and a learning opportunity – the journal and the Society for the History of Federal Government do such important work.”

This fall, a second printing of Parshall’s most recent book will be released with a new title, Deconstruction: Distrust, and the Future of American Democracy – updated to include the end of the Trump Administration and transition to President Joe Biden’s first year in office. The additional material will highlight the two most recent administrations’ different approaches to the federal government and the role of federal powers.