Experiential Project Launched with Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center

By | April 9, 2021

In an effort to support the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, Daemen’s Marketing department recently spearheaded a meaningful project with the Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center. On Friday, April 9th, a small group of students and staff members visited the Center for a look at Western New York’s history and heritage, finding new meaning in the word “freedom.” The group took a tour of the Center, learning about and stepping into the shoes of those in the past who had made the trek to freedom over the border to Canada. While there the group learned of the many treacherous journeys made, and also identified connections to today’s current events and happenings around the world, as those facing danger, violence, and discrimination make courageous attempts for freedom.

This visit is just the first part of an experiential project between Daemen and the Center, where student and staff personal thoughts, reflections, and reactions to their visit will be captured by photo and video. This digital content will be shared by Daemen and the Center, to help inspire and encourage others to visit, learn about the past and reflect on the future. This project complements Daemen’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in higher education and also supports the Center’s mission, to reveal authentic stories of Underground Railroad freedom seekers and abolitionists in Niagara Falls. This mission aims to inspire visitors to recognize modern injustices that stem from slavery and take action toward an equitable society. Visitors learn about and are encouraged to take action for civil and human rights and work to create global change, beginning right in their own community.

“I consider it a true privilege to have been able to experience the Heritage Center with these students who were taking the tour for the first time. I found it interesting that there were no moments of sadness or pity, only a deep respect for the bravery, integrity, and tenacity of enslaved people. They made connections between the rebellion of freedom seekers to current-day revolutionary movements and even identified where, in their own lives, they can do more. It was a great practice in bringing learning to life,” said Tiffany Hamilton, Chief Diversity Officer, Title IX Coordinator, and Director – Arthur O. Eve HEOP.

Look for more information about this ongoing project coming soon on Daemen social media channels.