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Daemen Alumna Receives 2014 Grammy Nomination

Volume II Issue 14

Annie Stoll at Radio City Music Hall

Annie Stoll at Radio City Music Hall

Annie Stoll, a 2008 Graphic Design graduate at Daemen, has been nominated for a Grammy for “Best Recording Package” with Automatic Music Can Be Fun. Ms. Stoll is the youngest graphic designer to be nominated for a Grammy in over 20 years.

“I'm not even sure I've had ample time to process it all, and in just a few weeks I'll be journeying out to LA! I'm going to do my best to enjoy and be thankful for every second,” Ms. Stoll said, after learning of her nomination for this prestigious award. “I just had this rush of emotions. The only way I can describe it is being over the Moon!  It had always been my dream to do design for music, and going to the Grammy’s for it is like going to the Super Bowl.”

At her 2008 Commencement Presidential Award speech, recipient Annie Stoll was described as “a force of nature.” Since graduating from Daemen with a dual degree in Illustration and Graphic Design, Annie has certainly had little difficulty in taking the art world by storm. 

Right out of school, Annie began working at the White Bicycle studio where she served as an intern. At White Bicycle she would work with the legendary Brian Grunert, and was able to work on many top tier Gold & Silver Addy award-winning projects. Annie has also worked for Lucasflim, Random House and photographer Anne Geddes.

Annie is in impressive company among the other nominees for the Grammy Award for Best Recording Package, including Geneseo, Reckless Kelly, JayZ, Metallica and David Bowie. 

Annie went on to acknowledge her work on the album, saying: “The thing is, this is a tiny little album and at the time it might have sold less copies than Jay Z has nominations. But the heart of the album and the design to accompany it was one of the coolest things I've ever done. A lot of impossible and serendipitous moments came together to make this album happen, and it's so cool to now be among rock star and designer Goliaths to see how far we can fly. The album designed with integrity and love- it's very humbling to see that being recognized.”

Ms. Stoll went on to say: “Automatic Music Can Be Fun was a privilege to work on. The concept of our design for it really clicked and was a blast to execute. Never in my wildest dreams did I think it would go so far as to be up against design heroes of mine. Designing this album was a labor of love.  But being recognized by the Grammy Awards is just beyond rad.  More than anything, I'm really thankful.”

Annie has acknowledged that her time at Daemen was crucial to her development as a designer, and the values she learned there- dedication, teamwork, and graciousness- continue to guide her today.  

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